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bulk rock salt

Types of natural rock salt from Iranian mines are offered for export to different countries without adding color to rock salt.  Many experts, after examining Iran’s rock salt, have recognized its value and have taken action to purchase it. The major export of edible and industrial rock salt in the form of bulk rock salt and packaging through the country’s borders has been made possible to Europe.  Industrial salts are not consumed orally due to their low purity.

bulk rock salt

The benefits of Shopping rock salt

From time immemorial, people have known salt as a natural medicine.  Ancient Greek physicians suggested that patients with respiratory problems breathe steam from salt water. Roman medical records state that salt salts are very good for health.

Treated Bulk Rock Salt is used in Australia, China, Arab countries and Europe for decorative and therapeutic purposes.  The University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, has also confirmed the healing properties of rock salt.

Each salt rock is carefully crafted to maintain the true beauty of the rock salt.  The different salts in rock salt make the color of these rocks look very unique.  Iron leaves red streaks and manganese, orange and yellow streaks.  In fact, you can’t find two types of rock salt lamps that have exactly the same shape and color.

If you are comfortable with yoga or feng shui, you know that in both schools, the use of rock salt to clean the environment and remove or eliminate negative energy is very much emphasized.

This rock is composed of two elements, chlorine and sodium, and when formed in crystalline form, it forms a rock salt.  Researchers have found that luminous crystals are known to be one of the ion-producing sources of positively charged and negatively charged charged particles.

Interestingly, if the sun shines on these rocks, it will create natural energy in these rocks. Putting rock salt in the house can be very useful for relieving the pressure and stress that exists in modern life. It can also be  Reduce much of the radiation emitted by electrical appliances such as radiological devices, computers, microwaves, TV noise, and so on.

bulk rock salt

How much does bulk rock salt cost?

Right after World War I, European industries needed salt, so European countries were looking for a way to get the salt they needed.  In this way, the Netherlands took the lead and, despite having swampy grounds and no open salt sources, dug wells and obtained salt domes.  They closed the wells and extracted salt from the factories, extracting salt water from the factories.

bulk rock salt

Bulk Rock Salt Wholesale trade has always been a source of power, especially in Europe and the United States, and kings and rulers have been salt merchants.  But in the post-World War I era, Europeans achieved self-sufficiency in salt production and export by using machines, physics and chemistry, and new technologies.  for more information please contact our sale experts.

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