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salt lamp

Salt lamp is a type of decorative lamp that is made of salt stones in different colors such as pink, yellow, phosphor green, light purple and the like. The important point in combining the color of the salt lamp is that its various colors are completely natural and are due to the deposits in the rock salt. These lamps are available in different sizes and shapes. The reason for the boom in the sales market of this product, in addition to their therapeutic benefits, is the wide and special light spectrum that is created by turning on these lamps in the environment.

salt lamp

What does a salt lamp do for you?

Regardless of the beautification aspect that the lighting of these lamps creates in the environment, using this product in the home or work environment has many benefits for the body.

The following are some of the salt lamp benefits :

  • Balancing electromagnetic radiation: Due to the presence of various electrical devices such as televisions, mobile phones, Wi-Fi and the like in many homes and workplaces, a large wave of magnetic radiation is created in the air, which is very harmful to the body, the salt lamp releases negative ions.
  • Cleaning and air conditioning: In a process called hydroxy, the salt lamp absorbs polluted molecules into the air and cleans the ambient air, and is effective in eliminating pollutant molecules caused by cigarette smoke, hookah, and the like.
  • Reduce allergies and pneumonia: By turning on these lamps, heat is created, which eliminates air pollution and its inhalation helps to strengthen the lungs and eliminate its inflammation.
  • Improving the circulatory system: Negative ions that are released into the air by turning on the salt lamp transmit positive energy to the body, which gives the feeling of freshness and youthfulness. Many people believe that the joy of lighting a salt lamp is equal to the joy of consuming saffron.

In addition, among  the salt lamp purpose are its effects on people’s mental health, which are:

  • Helps to improve concentration and regulate brain function
  • It calms the mind and improves mood
  • Eliminate stress and reduce anxiety
  • Improve sleep by regulating brain frequencies and thus reducing disturbed sleep and eliminating nightmares
  • And like these

salt lamp

Buy first quality salt lamp at best price

Due to the importance that people attach to their health and the well-being of themselves and their family members, the use of salt lamps in different segments of society has increased significantly.

The best place to buy different types of salt lamps is the dealerships set up by the manufacturer throughout the country.


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salt lamp

In these agencies, different types of salt lamps in different colors and the best quality are available with the lowest and most appropriate prices and are ready to be offered to the applicants.

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