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Iran crystal rock salt supplier and exporter

Iran crystal rock salt supplier and exporter, crystal rock salt like glass, purity 99.8 %, supply capacity per month 50 tons. Immediate purchase of glass crystalline rock salt, bulk orders of at least 1 ton and retail orders of at least 100 kg, can be sent all over the country. You can buy glass crystal rock salt […]


Decor rock salt factory in Iran

Decor rock salt factory in Iran, persian salt lamp, unique salt lamp made in halito rock salt factory. Decorative rock salt factory, rock salt lamps in very various designs, all kinds of verse rock salt wholesale at very reasonable prices, salt stones without lamps are super cheap. The major price of decorative salt stones depends on […]

Manufacturer of Persian rock salt soap bar

Manufacturer of Persian rock salt soap bar, minimum order is 10000 pcs, in cheap price, ready for export in carton packing. Massage rock soap soap sales center, production of therapeutic salt rock soap in two colors, white and orange, minimum order of 300 pieces, possibility of sending all over the country. Soap is a fatty […]

Salt Bricks For Building Distribution centers

Manufacture of salt bricks from salt stone, salt bricks for porcelain wall and salt room construction, standard salt Bricks For Building rick completely  3 cm to 5 cm thick with salt glue. the lowest price of salt-brick made of completely therapeutic rock salt. In this trading method, different types of bricks are displayed in online stores and […]

Iodized salt wholesale price in Iran

Iodized salt wholesale price in Iran, this price is for  minimum order 25 tons in 25 kg bag, per ton 990/000 toman and has 10 day validity. Production of the best recrystallization salt with a minimum purity of 99.4% and above, packed in 25 kg bags and the possibility of spraying iodine at 40 and […]

Iran salt lamp in cheap price

Iran salt lamp in cheap price, export salt lamp to Iraq with Religious labels, for register your order contact us. Supply of the best salt rock bedside lamp, decorative rock salt sales center, manufacture of rock salt bedside lamps, bulk sale of rock salt bedside lamps, bulk purchase of decorative salt rock, export of decorative […]

Halite crystal rock salt mine in Iran

Halite crystal rock salt mine in Iran, purity 99.8 % completely like glass and Transparent, capacity supply monthly 50 tons. The company sells crystal clear rock salt, the purest type of glass salt rock in large and small parts for export, with a package of 25 kg. Salt rock, as its name implies, is a rock with […]

Export industrial rock salt to Russia in cheap price

Export industrial rock salt to Russia in cheap price, packing jumbo bag, delivery time at 10 days astrakhan port. The price of industrial salt rock of mine door, the price of edible rock salt, mineral rock salt, animal rock salt, loading from mine and sending to all over the country, loading cost completely free. Industrial salt rock […]

Wholesale the best white rock salt in Iran

Wholesale the best white rock salt in Iran, completely differentiated according to the type of application, edible white rock salt, animal white rock salt, industrial and decor white rock salt. White salt rock is one of the most widely used and of course the most practical products available in the market. This product is used in various […]