The largest supplier of full color orange rock salt in Iran

orange rock salt

The largest supplier of full color orange rock salt in Iran for export to India, with jumbo bag packaging, delivery possible in the destination country with the lowest shipping rate.

Familiarity with orange rock salt

Salt rocks extracted from mines can come in a variety of colors. Depending on the type of salts and the elements that make up rock salt, this type of rock may be seen in different colors. Blue, orange, red, brown, etc. crystals are among the colors that rock salts may take on.

Each of these stones with specific colors have specific benefits and can affect the health of the body. For example, orange rock salt can be very effective in inducing a sense of security and improving a person’s mental state and relaxation. In this article, we will try to introduce you to the orange rock salt.


Orange rock salt creates a sense of peace and security in the person and using it at home can increase people’s peace of mind. Family is very effective.

orange rock salt

How to form colored rock salt

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, salt rocks can have different colors depending on where they are formed, for example, blue is due to the presence of high potassium ions in it, which causes crystals. Blue becomes beautiful and dazzling.

Orange and red rock salt is also due to the presence of iron in it, the higher the amount of this element, the darker and bolder the red color will be.

orange rock salt

Application of orange rock salt

Orange rock salt, due to its very beautiful and dazzling color, has been used to produce decorative items such as salt rock lampshades, rock salt bedside lamps and salt statues, and its decorative use has received much attention.

The use of orange rock salt to produce bedside lamps Rock rock is one of the most important and main applications of this rock salt in the country, however, the amount of orange rock salt used to make and produce salt bricks is much higher.


Halito rock salt company is the largest producer of salt bricks in Iran

Today, many companies throughout Iran are looking to produce and sell this type of product and earn high income in this way, for which they can order orange rock salt for export through Halito collection.

orange rock salt

Pink rock salt export market

Pink rock salt, also known as Himalayan rock salt, is another type of rock salt that is abundant in Iran and is extracted and sold from rock salt mines.


Pink salt rock is for Pakistan and orange rock salt is available in Iran, which is sent to destination countries through export bases.

orange rock salt

The amount of extraction of orange rock salt is so much that in addition to meeting domestic needs, it can be exported as an export product to various countries, especially Turkey and India.

Source: Halito rock salt company