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Supply Rock Salt

Rock salt is a natural and irregular salt that contains large crystals with mineral impurities. Sometimes impurities stain the salt. For example, natural salt is available in white, pink, red, and black. Its grain size, color, and taste make rock salt popular for recipes, bath products, and crafts, but it can be expensive! You can substitute your Supply Rock Salt salt for your regular salt.

Supply Rock Salt

Supply Rock Salt Properties

From time immemorial, people have known salt as a natural remedy.Ancient Greek physicians advised patients with respiratory problems to breathe vapor from salt water.

In Roman medical prescriptions, it is mentioned that salt salts are very useful for health.

During World War II, German physicians used salt-rich caves to treat sick soldiers and transported them to those iran rock salt caves.In 1999 in Lithuania, 250 children and 500 adults with respiratory problems consumed one hour of sea salt per day, and 9 out of 10 people recovered.

Hippocrates Hypocrats was a Greek physician who noted the properties of saline vapor inhalation and found it beneficial for respiratory diseases.

Salt is used in Australia, China, the Arab world and Europe for decorative and therapeutic purposes. The University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia has also confirmed the healing properties of rock salt.

Supply Rock Salt

Supply Rock Salt Producers in the world

Salt is a crystalline solid that is an important ingredient in our food. In fact, we can not even imagine food without salt. However, despite the fact that our food is tastier, salt can also cause health problems. A variety of salts with rock salt and sea salt are healthier options than regular table salt. There are many who confuse the terms rock salt and sea salt and consider these species to be synonymous. Despite the similarities, there are some differences that are highlighted in this article.

In ancient times, salt, along with gold and other precious objects, was a very expensive commodity. This was because salt was not produced in large quantities and was considered essential for human survival. However, times have changed, and today, salt in the world of nutrition and food is a devil that most people try to avoid diseases to become healthier types of salt. Seasoning foods with salt does not make it deadly. This is what is added to or removed from your food most importantly.

Rock salt

Ordinary salt, also called table salt, is a refined version of rock salt. It is added to food during cooking to give a salty taste. This substance is mainly sodium chloride and when it occurs in the form of a mineral, it is called halite or rock salt. This substance is found in hardware stores and grocery stores in large entertainment bags and is used for various purposes. Rock salt has the same sodium chloride as table salt, but is larger and has faster crystals that take a long time to dissolve. This is why it is not used directly for cooking purposes. The reason for this salt is called rock salt because it is not obtained from sea water but is extracted from underground rock formations.

Rock salt is used to melt ice from roads after snowfall because it reduces the melting point of ice. That is why it is also used to make ice cream at home. It is also preferred in preservation and pickling. There are many natural stone quarries in the world, one of which is the largest natural rock salt mine in the world in Pakistan. The main source of rock salt is seawater, which evaporates to pass NaCl.

sea ​​salt

Sea salt is salt that is created by the evaporation of ocean water. It is essentially sodium chloride but also contains some other minerals. These minerals are known as trace minerals because they are found in very small amounts and include magnesium, iodine, sulfur and so on. It is also called kosher salt, which is approved for cooking in Jewish recipes. Although sea salt contains 98% of sodium calcium, it is still saltier than table salt. There are many fans of sea salt who say it is full of flavor and healthier than table salt.

What is the difference between rock salt and sea salt?

The source of rock salt is underground minerals while the source of sea salt is sea water.

Sea salt contains many minerals other than sodium chloride, and rock salt itself occurs in the form of a mineral called halite.

• Sea salt is not refined as table salt and contains sodium chloride in a lower percentage than table salt.

• Sea salt is more flavorful due to the presence of pale minerals.

This type of pink rock salt is well known as a product of Pakistan and is identical to Himalayan salt or Himalayan rock salt.

Supply Rock Salt

This type of rock salt is very rare in the world and is rarely found among countries.

Although not well-publicized, Iran is one of the countries where pink egyptian rock salt  can be found, while only a very limited number of mines have it in limited quantities. Due to all the limitations, we are able to supply large quantities and different types of packaging. Iranian pink rock salt is one of the richest species in terms of mineral content. Pink crystal salt is the best type and available in our mine. This type of pink rock salt is used for human and animal foods, spas and treatments such as energy lamps and various other uses.

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