First quality red rock salt for trading

red rock salt

According to the latest scientific research, salt crystals have been shown to be one of the natural sources of ion production. When the sun hits these red rock salt, a certain amount of energy is produced.

red rock salt

Is red rock salt and pink salt same?

Salt rock and its properties for the heart of the adrenal glands and thyroid Salt crystals are one of the few minerals whose atomic structure is electric rather than molecular, which is why salt crystals can change from a crystalline state to a liquid state and vice versa.

Such a natural ionization creates an electric charge that the rock salt and its properties in the vicinity of the human body lead to relaxation, strengthening the body’s immune system, heart, adrenal glands and thyroid.

It is because of this radiant red rock salt lick property that the negative or unbalanced space of the room is neutralized by ion exchange.

red rock salt

Is red rock salt trading a profitable Business?

Salt in both seawater and rock salt has long been known in ancient Greece and was used as a useful food for digestion and excretion. From the distant past to the present, people have known salt as a natural medicine, keep up with the salt content and its properties.

Even sunlight on semi-transparent red rock salt for cattle produces such natural energy. Although this ionization process is not visible, this happens millions of times without changing the quality of the salt crystal.

For example, it is a process created by the leaves of green plants and trees because we know that in the respiration of plants through the leaves on the one hand dangerous carbon dioxide is absorbed by the plant and on the other hand life-giving oxygen is produced without harming the life of the tree or plant.

Physicians’ theory of rock salt and its properties:

Ancient Greek physicians recommended that patients with respiratory problems breathe steam from salt water.

red rock salt

Roman medical records state that salt salts are very good for health.

In World War II, German physicians used caves containing abundant salt to treat sick soldiers and transport them to those salt caves.

In 1999 in Lithuania, 250 children and 500 adults with respiratory problems used sea salt for one hour each day, and 9 out of every 10 people recovered.

Saltstone is used in Australia, China, Arab countries and Europe for decorative and therapeutic purposes. The University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, has also confirmed the healing properties of rock salt. for more information about it please contact us.

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