Wholesale of Salt Bricks For Cows

Salt Bricks For Cow

Using mineral Salt Bricks For Cow with high purity and quality, it designs and builds various types of salt rooms for cattle. The use of a variety of white mineral salts, orange salt, pink salt, and other natural colored salts creates a creative and amazing decoration.

Salt Bricks For Cow

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Salt and rock salt naturally have several types of purity and analysis of animal salt with different colors and compaction and , each of which is used for a specific case.If you have trouble preparing livestock rock salt for livestock and fish farms or your livestock and poultry feed, and you do not know what type of salt is better or what type of salt is better for which livestock problem, you can contact us to Get the best cow salt or salt for fodder or salt for livestock and poultry and salt for fish farms. Placing salt rock in farms and stables has always been done.

Salt Bricks For Cow

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Salt bricks made of mineral salt:

We learned from our own experience and installed projects that not all bricks are the same. The salts used in our bricks are obtained through the best mines in Iran and are created through precise production methods as well as according to the organizational structure, adaptation, product compatibility and color change. The use of these methods in the preparation of salt bricks for stone medicine increases the quality of products and there is no need for additional work to cut and determine the size of the bricks.

 Different types of salt bricks are produced in sizes between 10 in 10 and 30 in 30 in different thicknesses.

Salt Bricks For Cow

Salt bricks are produced in different colors such as white salt brick, pink salt brick, orange salt brick, red salt brick and other colors. There are smooth and prominent types of salt bricks.

These bricks are heat resistant and can be used in dry sauna and salt sauna walls.

We have created special design methods for installing salt bricks, in which the walls are made using salt glue. We have also developed systems to eliminate the effects of shadows and hot spots from backlighting. Using some brick wall kits and molds for smaller sections can be used to decorate and cover the walls of the salt room.

Salt bricks can also be used as flooring and used in floor decoration design; In some cases, the beauty of these products can be doubled by using backlights in these products.

Salt Bricks For Cow

“We design, design and prepare salt room environments in a simple and easy way.”

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Salt rocks, boulders salt block for goats salt caves Acupunctur

Research has shown that mineral salt block for goats crystals have a special kinetic energy that destroys the negative energies in the environment and also reduces stress and fatigue.

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