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industrial rock salt

Industrial salt rock is not subjected to production operations and does not pass through special refineries. That is why industrial rock salt is not used for food. Plain and irregular crystals, low transparency, opacity, etc., are examples of the characteristics of industrial rock salt, and individuals can identify industrial rock salt in this way.

industrial rock salt

How is industrial rock salt made?

Today, sea salt is a major source of rock salt. In fact, seawater is an infinite source of salt. There are two main ways to extract salt, one from sea water and the other from the depths of th  Solution extraction:

In solution extraction, wells are dug on salt sources and fresh water is injected into them to dissolve the salt. The soluble salt is then extracted and transported to special plants for evaporation; Most of the salt we consume is obtained in this way.

Solar Evaporation:

This is a simpler and more traditional way of obtaining salt. It is enough to leave the task of evaporation to the sun and wind and use the remaining salt. However, this method is used once a year when the salt reaches a certain concentration and is used in special climates high temperature and low rainfall, such as the Mediterranean region.

Salt is extracted from the mine like any other mineral. Salt mines exist beneath the old layers of the seabed and can be mined and processed.

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industrial rock salt

Buy industrial rock salt from reliable suppliers

However, buying bulk rock salt in bulk for personal use or producing all kinds of edible salt or producing decorative salt rock mass buying from rock salt mines is one of the best solutions. To identify active rock salt mines, you can also refer to the Industry, Mining and Trade Organization and get the address of the mines from this organization.

However, drug supply stores often sell rock salt or coarse-grained powder. Garmsar is the center of Iran’s rock salt. More than 70% of our country’s consumed and exported rock salt is supplied from the mines of this city. You should know that industrial rock salt is widely used.

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industrial rock salt

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