Purchasing different types of blue salt

Crystal Rock Salt

types of blue salt for cooking is very good in terms of scattering of regular and one-handed granulation and has a very good granular domain quality. Due to the fact that there are no fine grains below 45 mesh, so the quality and purity of its salt is much higher than other types and it is stable. Therefore, in practice, the product has been separated and pushed three times.

Crystal Rock Salt

What are different types of blue salt?

This type of salt is of medium and medium quality between two high sizes and is usually given to the oil company in most factories, although its soft size, ie between 40 and 50 mesh, is better not to exceed 5% and most of the time it is unfortunately up to 15%.

It has reduced the quality of the product and made it crumbled, but in the case of salt salt company, in all conditions and based on customer tests and reports, it is never allowed that the amount of softness exceeds 45 mesh and it exceeds 4%. Due to the presence of grains between 40 and 50 mesh, we must use this product by adding anti-cliché anti-cake (potassium ferrocyanide).

This size of salt means the same group of Sea Salt for Cooking and Baking or mesh 110 (N-SK) which is unfortunately called in the market with incorrect sugar names – or mesh 110, etc. There is practically no similarity or similarity to the names given. The packaging is very soft and even softer than flour, and it is not known why this size of salt is called 110 salt, or even sugar salt, which is used a lot in this name, while the above salt is really very low in sugar.

Usually, this type of salt is obtained from the bottom floor of fishery salt in halito rock salt Company and all the intermediate factories, and in most factories it must be defined with the following size.

The lowest grain size is less than 8 mesh and the smallest grain is above 45 mesh

Crystal Rock Salt

Buy various types of blue salt at best price

Water droplets are always present in the form of steam in our air and living environment, and inside these water vapor in the air there is dust, pollen, dandruff, smoke particles, and even bacteria and viruses.

Salt is moisture-proof, which means it can absorb water molecules from the environment. A large piece of salt, such as rock salt medicine, can absorb water molecules and pollutants.

These microscopic compounds remain inside after being absorbed by the salt and are no longer suspended in the air around us.

Crystal Rock Salt

Also, the heat from the light source causes the water vapor molecules to return to the environment, except that the secondary water vapor is far from any contamination because the contaminants are absorbed by the salt and remain in it.

Do salt rock lampshades really produce negative ions?

This is the most common question most people ask when buying salt medicine. The answer is yes; These lamps produce negative ions, but not in large quantities.

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