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salt block goats

Since mineral salts themselves do not have a good taste for cows, goats and other ruminants, the combination of these elements in a bed of table salt is converted into a brick or salt block goats , and cows, goats that are very interested in the taste of salt by licking Mineral bricks absorb the essential elements in it and meet the physiological needs of their body….

salt block goats

Why you should use salt block goats?

The physiology of the animal is such that the animal recognizes the deficiency of some of the essential elements needed in the body and instinctively in such cases has a strong desire to eat what is available and contains those elements.

Consumed fodder fed to cows and sheep naturally lacks all the minerals needed for livestock growth and therefore it is necessary to compensate for its deficiency in the best and most effective way possible, because otherwise cows and sheep will eat any waste containing this. They bring elements such as soil, stone, wood, plaster, hair, feces, etc., which is called rottenness or pica.

The best and safest way to compensate for the deficiency of mineral elements is to use essential mineral supplements and combine them with animal feed in the form of animal concentrate. Another solution is to use lysed bricks or lysed blocks to ensure the supply of essential minerals.

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salt block goats

Buy mineral salt block goats at affordable prices

The price of a salt block is also directly related to its purity and application. Salt rock may have different impurities, and its purity determines the use of rock salt. Due to the quality or purity of various applications and, of course, the price of rock salt, this material also depends on these factors.

The price of livestock salt blocks also depends on several parameters, and in general, according to the costs of extraction and production, transportation costs, quality and so on. Determined. Some research has shown that rock salt consumption increases milk production by 13 percent in dairy cows.

Consumption of rock salt also improves fat and livestock meat. On the one hand, removing salt from the animal’s diet can cause serious damage to the animal’s health. The price of livestock salt rock in the Iranian market is about 125 thousand tomans per ton. Of course, the cost depends on the cost of transportation, cutting and powdering.

salt block goats

In addition, salt blocks have a low price and are very popular. Sale of salt bricks and salt blocks is done in bulk. Due to the high cost of cutting rock salt and the overall difficulty of cutting rock salt, it is not possible to sell it in retail.

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