Manufacturer of edible and industrial salt in Iran

Manufacturer of salt in Iran

Manufacturer of edible and industrial salt in Iran, edible salt purity 99.4 % with iodine 40 and 60 ppm as customer demand, industrial salt export to Iraq, turkey, Russia in cheap price.

Production of Garmsar salt in both food and animal grades, especially for export with jumbo bag packaging and 25 kg bag, cut animal salt stone with carton body package.

Introduction of Iran salts

You may be familiar with the name Garmsar salt. Garmsar is a city in Semnan province that is slightly different from other cities. Semnan has 45 rock salt mines that are active in the field of production of refined edible salt. Garmsar rock salt, when converted into table salt, has a purity of almost 99.8%, which is unprecedented in the world.

Garmsar mines have an international reputation and many machines are moving in the city to produce and export Garmsar salt to other countries. Of course, it goes without saying that salt extraction from these mines is costly, and for this reason, public and private sector investors also work together in this field to achieve extraction, production and export.

Garmsar salt has different types, which we will mention briefly now. White salt stone is familiar to all of us. White salt is the main extraction of Garmsar city and has many benefits in the country. This type of salt has various qualities, which can be referred to as high-grade, first-class, first-class veined, black rock, and very weak-veined.

But red salt rock is also found in Garmsar salt mines. Red salt rock in Iran is the only source of salt brick production. Of course, this type of salt is also edible and is only consumed abroad as table salt. This type of iron salt is very high and is a good treatment option for people with iron deficiency. Another type of Garmsar salt is orange salt, which is not found in abundance like other salts. Orange salt is used to make decorative stones. The third type of rock salt is blue salt, which is mostly exported abroad and has many properties.

Manufacturer of salt in Iran

Manufacturer of salt in Iran

As Garmsar rock salt is of high quality and large factories are operating to process this product in Garmsar, the city is known as the first salt rock hub in the country and exports salt to Iraq, Armenia, and Turkey in the country. Is in charge. Iraq is one of the top export markets for Iranian salt. Of course, it goes without saying that rock salt is not the only export aspect. These rock salts are edible and are also offered as domestic rock salt in domestic and foreign markets. Salt quarries never have a single type of rock. These mines are full of different rocks with various functions and purity. So the purity of the salt does not indicate that it is worthless, but the efficiency of the rock salt is different.

Manufacturer of salt in Iran

Salt for animal feed

Rock salt has many uses in feeding and preserving livestock. Salt is commonly used as a raw material in forage compounds as well as animal feed. The amount of salt purity is effective in increasing livestock weight, lactation rate, and physical health. They use granulated salt for better taste of animal feed and provide sodium to their body.

Manufacturer of salt in Iran

Another advantage of salt rock is its low humidity, which is very effective in preventing gastrointestinal diseases.

Source: Halito rock salt company