crystal rock salt

Iran crystal rock salt supplier and exporter

Iran crystal rock salt supplier and exporter, crystal rock salt like glass, purity 99.8 %, supply capacity per month 50 tons. Immediate purchase of glass crystalline rock salt, bulk orders of at least 1 ton and retail orders of at least…
Halite crystal rock salt

Halite crystal rock salt mine in Iran

Halite crystal rock salt mine in Iran, purity 99.8 % completely like glass and Transparent, capacity supply monthly 50 tons. The company sells crystal clear rock salt, the purest type of glass salt rock in large and small parts for export,…
glass crystal rock salt

The largest supplier of glass crystal rock salt in Iran

The largest supplier of glass crystal rock salt in Iran, all-glass with a purity of 99.9%, the possibility of monthly supply up to 35 tons, delivery in 20 kg bags. How to form rock salt Clear rock salt is one of the rarest mineral rock salts…