Halite crystal rock salt

Halite crystal rock salt mine in Iran

Halite crystal rock salt mine in Iran, purity 99.8 % completely like glass and Transparent, capacity supply monthly 50 tons. The company sells crystal clear rock salt, the purest type of glass salt rock in large and small parts for export,…
crystal rock salt

Export of white and crystal rock salt to Turkey

Export of white and crystal rock salt to Turkey, white rock salt in 3 types, crystal rock salt purity 99.8 %. Export of white and crystalline rock salt to Turkey, white rock rock with very high resistance to cutting and drilling for the…
Crystal rock salt

Halite Crystal rock salt Supply from Iran

Halite Crystal rock salt Supply from Iran, purity 99.8 % its very unique in the world, possible to supply per month 40 tons. Direct purchase of crystalline rock salt, for export to Turkey, possibility of supply in large and small pieces,…
crystal rock salt

Purchase crystal rock salt from Iran directly

Purchase crystal rock salt from Iran directly,  clear crystal rock salt completely glass and very rare, monthly supply up to 50 tons. As you know, rock salt has many uses that everyone has long believed that rock salt has many properties…
crystal rock salt

Major distributors for crystal rock salt

 This high quality salt is very popular and has attracted a large audience. It is a excellent and distributed in all parts of the country at a very reasona